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About the Forum

Being a Learning and Development Professional is one of the most rewarding careers!

But it does come with its challenges... Like coming up with the perfect training solutions for your training calendar.

What topics are new, exciting and engaging?

Which topics will achieve the company's outcomes and drive the right culture?

And which suppliers will do this, all within the required budgets?

And while you're looking for those needles in the haystack, could you please also do a back flip and queue the confetti guns?

Plus with the move to the virtual world and remote working, there's a whole new delivery method to navigate.

And that's why THIS forum exists...

You don't need to pull a rabbit out of a hat by yourself!

THIS Learning and Development Forum is the place for passionate and driven L&D Professionals to come together and exchange trending topics, popular suppliers and innovative ideas.

There are so many magical methods to manage these outcomes, and many hands make light work!

Hosted by speaker and Founder of The Learning and Development Collective, Lindsey Leigh Hobson, join this beautiful community of like-minded professionals.

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